Bund Dewatering

Monitor and dewater bunds to retain 110% capacity bund contents, safely pumping water into drainage system.

The system comprises a control panel linked to a series of liquid levels sensors and pumps that are installed within the sump of the bund. When liquids reach predetermined levels the pump automatically transfers liquids out of the bund thus maintaining capacity. If excessive levels are reached the alarm activates.


  • Automatically removes rainwater
  • Maintains 110% bund capacity
  • Reduces waste management costs
  • Safe, dry working environment
  • Reduce maintenance and management time
  • Potential to resell or re-use collected oil
  • No civil works required
  • Use in hazardous and non-hazardous zones

Bund Water Control Unit

Low maintenance automatic pumping system that constantly monitors the contents of the bund, detects the difference between oil and water and safely removes the water.

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Bund Dewatering and Oil Skimming Pump

Low maintenance automatic pumping system automatically removes rainwater from the bunds sump. When oil is detected a secondary pump transfers the oil to a separate holding tank.

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Transformer SIPP Node

Automatically remove rainwater from transformer bunds. SIPP™ ensures that only water with less than 5ppm oil content is pumped out.

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