Bund Dewatering and Oil Skimming Pump

Automatically removes rainwater from the bunds sump. When oil is detected a secondary pump transfers the oil to a separate holding tank.

Product Overview

For significant reduction in waste disposal costs select our bund dewatering and oil skimming pump.  Ideal for both manned and unmanned sites, the bund dewatering and oil skimming pump system continuously monitors the condition of the bund, displaying current status on the control panel. The unit operates in two ways:

When rainwater fills the sump to a pre-determined level the pump automatically operates to remove non contaminated water (rainwater containing less than 1ppm of oil per litre) out of the bund into the surface water drainage system.

If floating oil is present this is automatically pumped from the sump to a seperate holding tank within the bund.  Once the recovery tank is full an alarm will sound notifying that the tank requires emptying. The pump will still automatically remove rainwater.


  • Safe, dry working environment
  • Maintains bund capacity
  • Reduce maintenance and management time
  • Potential to resell or re-use collected oil
  • No civil works required
  • Use in hazardous and non-hazardous zones
  • Alarm situation relayed from remote locations
  • 24/7 automated monitoring and dewatering
  • Low maintenance
  • Mains powered
  • Standard and ATEX approved versions
  • Claxon, beacon and GSM alarm notification
  • Can be connected to business management systems


  • 1no 230V Mains Powered Bund Water Control Unit Panel
  • 1no Water Pump and Probe set (c/w 5m Flyleads)
  • Pump assembly stand
  • 1no 230v Oil only Pump
  • 1no Junction Box
  • 2no 8m length of discharge hose (1 Water / 1 Oil)
  • Anti siphon device
  • 1no Lifting Rope

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