Bund Water Control Unit

Low maintenance automatic pumping system that constantly monitors the contents of the bund, detects the difference between oil and water and safely pumps the water (rainwater containing less than 1ppm of oil per litre) only out of the bund into the surface water drainage system.

Product Overview

Ideal for manned and unmanned sites.  This low maintenance automatic pumping system constantly monitors the contents of the bund.  When rainwater fills the sump to a pre-determined level the pump automatically operates to remove the water to the set minimum level.  The unit detects the difference between oil and water and if oil is detected, the bund dewatering pumps ceases and an alarm will sound.  Alarm notification via beacon or sounder as well as by gsm making this ideal for both manned and unmanned sites.  The alarms will also sound due to power failure and excessive liquid levels. 

The current status is displayed on the display located on the front of the unit. If an alarm condition is detected, a warning message is displayed, e.g. failsafe probe activated.  The unit then gives the option to accept/acknowledge the alarm. Operation will then return to normal providing the fault that caused the alarm has been corrected.

The bund water control unit is supplied complete with a control unit, submersible pump, together with a combined pump/probe assembly and a steel mounting stand.


  • Automatically removes rainwater
  • Maintains 110% bund capacity
  • Reduces waste management costs
  • Safe, dry working environment
  • Reduce maintenance and management time
  • Potential to resell or re-use collected oil
  • No civil works required
  • Use in hazardous and non-hazardous zones


  • 1no Control Panel (230v)
  • 1no Pump and Probe Set
  • 5m Discharge Hose (25mm Outer Diameter)
  • 1no Anti-Syphon Device
  • Standard pump rate: 165l/m @ 1.5m head
  • Control panel dimensions: 432mm x 328mm x 200mm
  • Pump/probe dimensions: 525mm x 200mm x 250mm

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