Oil Stop

Simple oil discriminating pump

Ideal for manned sites. This low maintenance automatic pumping system constantly monitors the contents of the bund, detects the difference between oil and water and safely pumps the water (rainwater containing less than 1ppm of oil per litre) only out of the bund into the surface water drainage system.

The Oil Stop features a common alarm to alert for oil presence when pumping water from tanks, bunds, sumps etc. When oil is detected the pump ceases to operate.

Product Overview

Pumps are generally used to remove or transfer liquids. However, in most cases on their own they are incapable of determining what the liquid is they are pumping. For example if a submersible pump were placed in bunded area surrounding oil tanks, it would pump out whatever liquid was in that bund, whether it be collected rainwater or oil spillage. The Oil Stop system is designed to be used in conjunction with a pump to discriminate between oil and water and to only pump water, leaving any oil that may be present behind, safely contained within the bund.  Provided there is a suitable sump, the system can be used wherever there is a possibility water may be contaminated by oil. 

The Oil Stop system comprises of a control unit and a specially designed float switch, which can be attached to a submersible pump or at the position within the bund sump or tank at which the pump is required to operate.

The special float, pump and mains voltage supply is attached to the control box. The electronic circuitry within the control will determine, via sensors incorporated within the float switch, whether the liquid is water or oil and control the operation of the pump accordingly. If both oil and water are present then the system will continually monitor the levels and activate the pump when a specific water level is reached to remove only the water, leaving any oil that is present behind. 



  • Removes rainwater at no cost
  • No civil works required
  • Low maintenance
  • Provides a safe, dry working environment


  • 1no 230v Water Pump
  • 1no Control Panel
  • 1no Junction Box
  • 1no Float Switch and Probe set

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