Transformer SIPP Node

Automatically remove rainwater from transformer bunds. SIPP™ ensures that only water with less than 5ppm oil content is pumped out.

Product Overview

SIPP Node is across industry sectors in a number of countries implementing market leading technology for draining rainwater from transformer bunds.

How it works

Rainfall that collects in a transformer bund can become contaminated with transformer oil that is present within the bund due to minor spills, leaks and drips.  In order to effectively remove the water a device is required to monitor and measure the volume and type of liquids that are contained within the bund in order to detect if the water is polluted or not.

SIPP™ continuously measures the waters oil content and empties only that which is purer than 5ppm. SIPP removes the rainwater from the transformer bund, ensuring that bund capacity is always maintained in the event of a transformer failure resulting in cooling oil releasing from the transformer and into the bund. This eliminates fines and expensive cleanup costs that could arise if the oil is not contained within the bund.  

It is an offence for contaminated water to pollute the watercourse so by utilising the SIPP Node within transformer bunds helps to prevent this. Upon every discharge of water out of the bund the system automatically creates a report detailing the volume of water discharged, the average oil content and location of the discharge.  This document can be used as evidence of an environmentally safe discharge of liquids.


  • Capacity - up to 500m³/year
  • Measuring range (oil) - 0 - 20ppm
  • Measuring precision - ±1ppm
  • Temperature range - -40 to +60ºC
  • Power supply - 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 10 A
  • Communication - GPRS/3G with fixed IP
  • Securty - SLL encryption


  • Clears rainwater from the bund
  • Ensures bund capacity in the event of transformer failure


  • Unique measuring cell
  • Records water discharge volume

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