Solar Powered Interceptor Alarms

Monitoring of Interceptor on road networks to allow for scheduled waste management visits in with PPG3, whilst alerting the client to any spillages or pollution incidents.

Project Features

With such a remote location, the installation of a solar powered alarm unit allowed the client to monitor the tank, whilst reducing the cost ensuring a mains powered power is within the area

Solutions & Savings

  • GSM Notification Allows for the client to be informed of incidents and / or service requirements 24/7
  • Solar Powered Alarm allows for a reduction in labour and installation costs for both the client and supplier
  • Proven technology
  • Installation completed in 0.5 working days, allowing minimum disruption to the road network
  • Operator switch.
  • Rotating Solar Panel.
  • Supports up to 8 phone numbers for notification when an alarm condition occurs.
  • Battery condition reported in continuous range from 0 to 100%.
  • Solar panel voltage can be measured.

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