Liquid Management Alarms

A range of liquid level sensors and associated control panels for detecting and monitoring various fluids across a range of applications.


  • Reduce waste management costs
  • Simple installation
  • Increase site safety

Grease Trap Alarm

Monitor and detect levels in your grease trap.

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Cesspool Alarm

A Cesspool alarm is installed within a holding tank to monitor the level within the tank. Ideal for installation in cesspits to provide an audible notification when levels reach predetermined levels.

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High Level Alarm

Alarm warnings of high levels within tanks to help prevent overflow.

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Universal Tank Alarm

Monitoring of liquid levels within tanks

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Flood Alarm

Early flood warning systems

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Sewage Alarms

Alarm and control panel for sewage treatment plants.

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Washdown Tank Alarms

Monitor silt and liquid levels in underwater washdown areas.

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Bunded Tank Alarms

Measure how much oil is left in your tank and know when it needs refilling.

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