Bunded Tank Alarms

PPG2 Above Ground Oil Storage Tanks Section 8 states "You need to be able to measure how much oil is left in your tank so you can order the right amount when your tank needs refilling and to monitor how fast you use your oil".

Product Overview

What is an integrally bunded tank:

An integrally bunded oil tank consists of a primary container manufactured with integral secondary containment that can hold a minimum of 110% of the volume of oil the inner tank is designed for.
Common problems associated with integrally bunded tanks is that sight gauges can leak and be left open and theft or leaks from bunded tanks can go unnoticed.

Using a transmitter located on the top of the tank with an ultrasonic level measure to continually measure the level of oil in a tank will enable more accurate measurement of tank contents.  An optional automated alarm can be incorporated into the system to alert when there is a dramatic drop in oil levels which could indicate to a leak or theft of contents.

How it works:

The transmitter sits on top of the tank and using ultrasonic level measurement techniques, constantly measures the level of oil in the tank.

It then transmits that information to the receiver which is plugged into an electric wall socket, located in a convenient place.

The height of the liquid is displayed on a LCD screen on the receiver. The operator can monitor the level of oil in their tank from inside their offices.

When the level of oil in the tank gets below 10%, the fuel dispensing pump symbol appears, and an option of a buzzing tone, indicating to the user that bund contents are low.

In the event of the oil level in the tank dropping at a rate that is not common for a domestic oil tank (more than 1.5cm a minute) the receiver will emit a siren type sound that indicates a theft / leak is occurring.


  • Remote monitoring of tank contents
  • Alarm activation if oil levels drops
  • Universal monitor
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Low power consumption
  • Suitable for steel and plastic tanks
  • 200m transmitter range


  • Transmitter
  • LCD screen
  • Siren

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