Flood Alarm

Early flood warning systems providing you more time to prepare.

Product Overview

As flooding becomes increasingly more common many businesses are now no longer able to insure against these risks. A flood can occur for many different reasons; rivers or lakes rising due to heavy rainfall, storm water run-off, blocked or damaged drains and blocked sewers. If you had more time to prepare for a flood how much of the damage do you think would be prevented?

The FloodAlarm system provides an early warning of rising water levels to ensure that you have time to put your flood defences in place to protect your home, business and valuables.

The alarm can be connected into either existing site BMS or connected to SMS or e-mail

The system is installed where the rise of flood waters can be detected early, the levels can be set in accordance with your needs and can be set at different levels to allow you to ascertain the difference between rising flood levels and simple variances in water flow.  

The FloodAlarm is powered by a battery with a year long battery life and is connected to an online monitoring system.  The system will active an alarm when the water level reaches a preset level.

A key part of the FloodAlarm is the alert warning sent to vital personnel. Rising levels are alerted by flashing beacon, SMS texts and e-mails warning the recipient that action needs to be taken. This information is also recorded through the online management service.

The FloodAlarm provides that vital early warning to enable you to move valuable items away from the flood waters, ensuring business continuity, costs savings and personnel safety.


  • Provides visual warning
  • Allows time to deploy flood defences
  • Distinguish between flood and variances in water
  • Beacon, SMS Text and/or email


  • Flashing beacon
  • Early warning of rising water levels
  • Vary levels to your requirements
  • Alarm warnings

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