Product Overview

Ideal for new build sites or where mains supply is readily and easily available making installation efficient and cost effective.

This unit has an audible alarm and a liquid crystal display and is operated by means of a simple Push Switch. An output relay is provided which allows the use of an external sounder or beacon and can also be connected to your building management system (BMS).

Darcy can tailor your Grease Trap Alarm to your requirements by displaying your name and contact details on the liquid crystal display and fitting your custom label (please ask for details).

Differentiation of the presence of oil or water is determined by conductivity, water is conductive, and oil is non-conductive. 

The probe consists of two pieces of stainless steel that act as conductors.  When the probe is fully immersed in water; a circuit is formed between the conductors. When one or both of the conductors are out of water, (i.e. in oil) the circuit is broken and a signal is returned to the separator alarm panel.


  • Mains powered: 230VAC
  • IP65 ABS Enclosure 180 x 180 x 60mm
  • Output: Clean Contact Relay
  • Display: Liquid Crystal
  • Alarm: Audible (local)
  • Probe Range: 200 meters max

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