Separator Alarms

Monitor oil, silt and liquid levels within underground separators.

Separator alarms ensure correct operation of separators preventing pollutants.

The system comprises a control panel linked to up to 3 probe sensors that are installed within the separator that automatically monitor the levels within. If excessive levels are reached the alarm activates to notify of excessive oil,silt or liquid levels. Warnings allow for corrective action to prevent oil passing through the separator and polluting watercourses.


  • Automated and remote monitoring
  • Warn of excessive levels of oil, liquid and silt
  • Tells you when the separator needs emptying
  • Reduces waste management costs
  • Retro fit to existing separators
  • Designed to comply with EN858-1&2 and PPG3
  • Reduces separator servicing costs
  • Ensures safe and economic operation of interceptors

Mains Powered Separator Alarm

Ideal for new build sites or where mains supply is readily and easily available making installation efficient and cost effective.

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Solar Powered Separator Alarm

Ideal for remote locations and where mains power is unavailable. The Solar Alarm removes the need for digging ducts and laying long cable runs, making installation efficient and cost effective.

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Battery Powered GSM Separator Alarm

Ideal for sites where mains supply is not readily or easily available.

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