Bund Integrity Testing

In order to comply with current legislation, in particular the Water Pollution Act 1977, 1990, all bunds must pass an Integrity Test at least every 3 years.

This bunded storage unit will potentially contain the highest risk material in your facility. It therefore should be re-tested immediately to protect staff, visitors and the environment from a potentially harmful chemical leak.

Any leak from a tank within the bund would pollute the ground and groundwater. Not only does this put drinking water supplies at risk, but it has serious cost implications as the site clean-up costs and soil remediation can be significant and may not be covered by insurance.

It is advisable that bunds are maintained to the necessary standards so that they do not become an issue when the EPA carries out site inspections. A poorly maintained bund will draw attention and may result in corrective measures being enforced.

In addition, properly maintained bunds will pass a water retention test at the first time of asking – thereby saving time, money and minimising any disruption to production.

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