Central Monitoring

Darcy Spillcare Manufacture now offer total environmental protection via our central monitoring service. Utilising technologies including GSM/GPRS our central monitoring service can be quickly and effectively linked to:

  • Separator Monitors
  • Bund dewatering systems
  • Drain flow shut off valves

The monitoring station is based at Darcy’s 24 hour spill control centre and will immediately notify our resource centre when a separator alarm or a bund water control unit alarm or drain shut off valve alarm is activated. We will contact you detailing the status of the alarm and organise the relevant waste management services. This new technological development has been introduced to ensure complete protection for your site at all times thus eliminating the risk of pollution and associated fines as well as reducing waste management costs. The second an alarm activates onsite a signal is immediately sent to our monitoring station stating the unit has been activated. We can then deal with the spill immediately, reducing pollution to the local area.

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