Separator Servicing

The Pollution Prevention Guidelines - Use and design of oil separators in surface water drainage systems (PPG3) state:

“To prevent pollution and minimise your costs, you need to manage your separator effectively. To make this easy, all parts of the separator that have to be regularly maintained must be accessible at all times. Every six months, or in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, experienced personnel should:

  • Physically inspect the integrity of the separator and all mechanical parts
  • Assess the depth of accumulated oil and silt
  • Service all electrical equipment such as alarms and separator management systems
  • Check the condition of any coalescing device and replace it if necessary
  • Some heavily used or high-risk sites might require more frequent inspections.”

Darcy separator service plan

It is essential that separators are regularly maintained, even if an oil level alarm has been installed. You should not wait until the alarm is activated before a separator is serviced. The system requires regular maintenance, calibration, and servicing by a competent technician, to reduce the risk of a pollution incident.

Darcy Spillcare Manufacture has devised a comprehensive range of separator services to ensure your units are maintained and operational for the purpose for which they were installed.

Our services are based on the requirements detailed in the maintenance sections of the Environment Agency's PPG3 document and the European Standard EN858-2 (copies available upon request).

All of our services are carried out by experienced engineers, who will provide you with an appropriate maintenance service record sheet, with a log register for each separator.

One year service contract - separator 

The 1-year service Contract consists of 2-service visits per year in which we carry out the following tasks:

  • Measure light liquids and solid levels and detail findings in a service log (if levels are unacceptable site personnel are immediately informed
  • Revalidate Separator monitor and clean probe,
  • Carefully clean all wires to Probes & Float switch making sure not to damage the wires insulation covering (Damage to insulation could result in ‘electrical tracking’ causing miss-operation). If the wires outer insulation is damaged then clean area, allow to dry and insulate using a Conformal coating spray (Non-conductive lacquer).
  • Make sure all probes are straight and will not contact the inside of tubular cover when re-fitted.
  • Revalidate Automatic closure Device.
  • Organise cleaning and emptying of tank (if required) at agreed rates
  • Jet wash down coalescing filter (if applicable)
  • If required, replace coalescing filter at agreed rates
  • Dispose of used filter at agreed rates
  • Identify any components that need to be repaired or replaced.

Our aim is to protect our clients from the risk associated with separator systems, whilst adopting a regime where emptying is carried out when needed.

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 Please note this service is currently available throughout the UK only.

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